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Lath composter

KOMP slatted composter is suitable for the precomposting of large leaves and/or lawn cut quantities, in order to reduce the volume for the conversion in the thermo composter. As also with compost silos they possess lamellas diagonally placed with broad air ports, however by the hinge principle at the corners are interconnected. Material and connecting principle are identically constructed with the KOMP thermo composter. Can be opened in each case lower part, upper section or both parts full-laminar. To the complete composting it is advisable to convert the external layers of the gang material inward. By extension sets (3 side parts with fish-plates) composts can be e.g. separated into different gang stages space-saving from each other.

KOMP lath composter without covers in perpendicular building method with senkrechten Gitterwänden Tap: „Winding “it the Lattenkomposter with a rush mat, so that the external layers of the gang material do not drain. If necessary the shifting saves.

KOMP 640

KOMP 640 extension

KOMP 1130

KOMP 1130 extension

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