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Thermo composter

The KOMP thermo composter is suitable particularly well for the transformation of organic kitchen wastes and/or toilet wastes: A cover protects strong walls from nonfreezing plastic before drainage and/or water logging and the durable 1 cm provides for sufficient ventilation and high stability. The different sizes are all together simple to set up to serve and regard beautifully comfortably!

KOMP thermo composter consist of 100% pure polyethylene recycling plastic, are dyed greenish and remain form stable by ripping of the walls. The modular system consists of flat and/or curved hinge plates, which are interconnected by hinge staffs at the corner points. Each of the plates can be all around opened, in which one pulls the hinge staff upward out of the eyes. Thus there is it no dead corners in the container and the compost can by large openings be taken. The eyes of the hinge plates are particularly durably and durably implemented. If a part should have to be renewed, you cannot it individually order additionally and have to do new Komposter to buy!

All composters are supplied in the stably cardboard and is transport-friendly in flat packages packed. A structure guidance is attached.

KOMP 140

KOMP 215

KOMP 285

KOMP 335

KOMP 445

KOMP 575

KOMP 750

KOMP 808

KOMP 1065

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