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Valley View University, Ghana: Separation of Urine and Water Saving Units
The Sanitary Building is a public toilet and demonstrates various water saving technologies for re-use in agriculture.
Valley View University, Ghana: Berger Biological Toilet
Report on urine separating dry toilet building for composting purpose.
Greywater Recycling in Germany
The film shows examples of ecological sanitation technology in Germany. E.g. the ecological settlement in Hamburg-Allermöhe, equipped with TerraNova composting toilets is presented.
DW-TV | Ghanas Eco-University | Global Ideas
The film is e.g. an overview of the results of the research project "Ecological Development at the Valley View University in Accra, Ghana."


Ecological cycle management at Valley View University in Accra, Ghana [739 KB]
Contents of the extensive and detailed research report.
Available for purchase from:
Ingeneuroekologische Vereinigung (IÖV), POB 10 22 29, 86012 Augsburg, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)821-575165, Fax: +49 (0)821-582472,,

Ecological development of settlements - the case study Valley View University, Accra, Ghana [1.421 KB]
Research and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Welcome to the Dry Toilet (presentation) [2.087 KB]
The presentation gives an overview about the different products and projects of Berger Biotechnik GmbH during 20 years since 1985.

Toilets without Water [4.060 KB]
The paper describes two projects with TerraNova composting toilet installations.

Results in the Use and Practise of Composting Toilets [563 KB]
Two ecological projects in Germany, equipped with TerraNova composting toilets, are presented at the 1st International Dry Toilet Conference 2003 in Tampere, Finland.

Sustainable living - Ten years of experience [3.037 KB]
Ecological housing estate Bramwisch
July 2007, Publisher: ANU Hamburg e.V. und TuTech Innovation GmbH.

Ecological Settlement in Allermöhe Hamburg, Germany
Case study of sustainable sanitation projects

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