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Purchase - quick, comfortable and easy

You can make purchases from Berger Biotechnik GmbH round-the-clock comfortably on Internet. Rummage through offer and click then on the product in which you are interested to receive closer information. They can also use the input field "Search" to find products specific. To return to the in each case last side, use the "back" button of your web browser.

Your shopping cart

On the product detail pages you find an input field for the amount and a button "Add to shopping cart”. Give at first the desired number and click afterwards on “Add to shopping cart" to store the product on your virtual "shopping list".

Then you can make purchases about the button "of Continue" to the shop return and select other products or work on your existing order.


With the link "Add to memo" you can reserve to yourselves products up to your next visit without obligations, however, moreover must be activated Cookies. With the function "Show memo" you call later the reserved products again.

Order work on

Click on the button "Show shopping cart” if you want to have a look at your topical order. Now you receive an overview of the articles which you have laid before in the goods basket. If you want to change the order amount afterwards, put down on the field "Quantity" the new number and click on the button "Update subtotal". If you want to extinguish a product completely from your order, click on the extinguishing symbol beside the product. To call details of the products in the goods basket, click their name in the goods basket. If your order is entire, click on the button "Continue".

Dispatch kinds and modes of payment

In the next window the dispatch kind (excluding shipping) is preset, because the dispatch prices are dependent on the place of delivery and are determined individually by us. Simply click on the button of "Continue" to reach to the modes of payment. The mode of payment is also preset, because customers from abroad can pay only in advance. Click on "Continue".

Everything allright?

Then appears the order summary in which your order is shown as an overview. Check please again whether everything is right whether all articles and their number are right. You can see from this side from also our general terms of business - briefly Terms and Conditions-, because you must agree to these before the end of the order, while you mark the suitable controlling small box. Click afterwards on "Continue" to conclude the order.

Your personal data

Now a window in which you can give your personal data opens. This window will transfer encoded what you can recognise by the small castle symbol in the lower window edge.
Give now your personal data - we have marked duty fields with a starlet. If you want to give a divergent address of delivery, you can do this also in this form. Should your personal data be stored for your next purchase, activate the function "Adressdaten speichern". To use these services, you must have activated cookies in your browser. Then their personal data are stored on your calculator and are called with the next purchase with Berger Biotechnik GmbH automatically again. If all information is entire and right, you can conclude the order by click on OK. You receive soon after a confirmation mail from us.

Schriftliche Bestellung

Haben Sie sich bei den Zahlungsweisen für ein schriftliches Bestellverfahren entschieden, läuft der letzte Bestellschritt ein wenig anders ab: In diesem Fall öffnet sich ein Fenster mit einem Bestellformular, das Sie bitte über die Funktion "Drucken" Ihres Webbrowsers ausdrucken, gut lesbar ausfüllen und uns zufaxen oder zuschicken.

My e-mail-address

Please, be especially carefully with the information of your e-mail address, because we use this to step with you in contact. Some functions in our shop use cookies to store data on your computer.

Cookies and popups

You must activate cookies in your browser to be able to use these functions. Our shop opens a encoded transferred window for the order end. If you use popup blocker software on your PC, you should deactivate this, because you cannot conclude the order.

Technical support

For technical questions or remarks, how pictures are not shown, writing not readably or similar write an e-mail to our shop administrator.

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