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Berger Biotechnik GmbH

Since 1985 the German company Berger Biotechnik GmbH is developing, producing and dealing with sanitary systems and products for saving water and resources as well as recycling of organic substances and nutrients in natural cycles. Self-designed and further-developed products are offered like biological dry toilets, composting toilets and dry urinals, but also products from other manufacturers like water-saving and separating toilets.

Furthermore our company offers consulting, projecting, assembling and maintenance of the distributed products and systems. Among a number of ecological settlements, the world-wide biggest one in Bielefeld/Germany (300 inhabitants, 2,3 and 4-storey houses) has been completely equipped with our composting toilet systems.

Since 1999, Berger Biotechnik GmbH is engaged in the field of development through participation and collaboration at international symposia (gtz, fbr, Global Sanitet Club, u.a.) and through consulting and delivery of ecological sanitary technology for different research and development projects (e.g. gtz/Lesotho, DEED/Namibia, Bauhaus-University Weimar/Ghana, University for Science and Technology, Beijing/Dongsheng, North China and Ulan Bator, Mongolia).

From 2004 to 2009, Berger Biotechnik GmbH was project leader of the sub-project "Ecological Sanitation inside buildings" within the research project "Ecological Development of Valley View University, Accra,Ghana" or "Ecological Cycle Management at Valley View University in Accra (Ghana)" financed by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

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